Free Quran & Dawah CDs


Our Goal – Spread the Word of ALLAH by providing Free CDs

Quran CDs – Nouman Ali Khan Collections – Dawah cd Purpose of life by Khalid Yasin – Dawah cd in Spanish – Quran cd in Spanish – Mufti Menk Dr. Farhat Hashmi – Dr. Israr Ahmed

Many people involved in Dawah have desire but limited resources while others have money to support.

Our job is to make the connection so get involve and HELP in any capacity. We are a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization so your donations are tax exempt.

All of these CDs are completely free for order or download, so please order many and listen to them all. Order them for yourself, gift them to your family and friends, and place them at different mosques or grocery stores/restaurants for tremendous continuous Rewards (Sadaqa Jariah). You never know how you may completely change someone’s life by the permission of Allah. Everything is free (including shipping) so don’t hesitate to order as much as you can distribute

To contribute, click the donate button and enter amount and continue. All donations are used 100% for CD production and shipping. We love to hear suggestions or feedback so we can make things better.

If you have any issues placing order online please let us know by call, text or email

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We are a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax exempt.